Five month update

5 months down 4 more to go!! Yes, the time is flying by. This past week we purchased baby furniture at IKEA, but it took us two trips!! We made our way down to Philly Sunday night, only to discover IKEA was closed – Tim had the wrong time. Aleisha was ready to kill – riding in a car right now is not very comfortable. Can you say back pain? So, we tried it again on Monday (they were having a sale until this day – have to take the bargains!). We purchased a crib, wardrobe and dresser/changing table, all of which just barely fit in the Taurus.

Everything is going well for me at this point. I am starting to feel tired early in the evening, but nothing a nap can’t fix. My belly has popped out this week, it practically happened over night. It is finally catching up with my butt (he he).

Where have all the flu shots gone? Yes, it has been a mad rush for me to find a flu shot since there is a shortage. I’ve got two strikes against me (pregnant and work with children), so I should be on the priority list. I have called my family doctor and they will not have any this year. They advised me to go to Weis or Giant (how do they get the goods?). I watched the news this morning, and they had people lined up at 4 a.m. to get a flu shot. That is NOT going to be me. So I called my OB/GYN today, and this is the advice the gave me: “Practice good hygiene, stay away from large groups and stay away from children.” When she said this, I laughed at the mention of staying away from children. I than explained that I am a kindergarten teacher and that would me impossible. So, I’m still searching.