Did someone say doo-ty? I mean civic duty!

Yes, I have done all the civic duties that one can do in a week. I was picked for jury duty, I voted and I returned lost money. Aren’t you all jealous?

I was able to experience what jury duty is almost like. For the past two days I have been sitting in the Lancaster County Court House waiting to get picked for jury duty. On Monday, I just sat there and read all day. Today, I was actually picked for a panel, but was never questioned for a case. So, that meant I had to sit and read all day again. So, I was able to earn $9 a day, plus $0.17 per mile for gas. Well the school district will get my $18 and I won’t get much for miles, since it is only a mile (plus I walked one day, sshhhh don’t tell. I need the $0.17.)<

Tim and I went to the polls this morning. We had to only wait for about 15 minutes, which isn't bad, since F&M College registered 900 new voters, most of whom had to come to the elementary school where we vote.

I was also a good citizen by returning $10 to a little girl at central market, which she lost on the sidewalk. Next, time hold on to it tighter or it's mine!

Tomorrow I need to return to my troops, who are probably WILD. I might have to take a few Tylenol before I get there. I hope they didn't eat the guest teacher.