Six month update

Only three more months before our little one enters our world. And the nursery is NOT done!

Tim and I started birthing classes two weeks ago. The first class was a tour of the Women’s and Babies Hospital. It is a very nice facility, I hope I get a room with a whirl pool. Doesn’t that sound glamoruous? Our second class we were able practice breathing and relaxation techniques. Why don’t you give it a try: In 2, 3, 4 Out 2, 3, 4. Great job. Hopefully I can remember that and work on relaxing, or Tim might be missing a hand or two when I tear them off due to the pain.

Penny took advantage of the pillows we used at birthing class.

The baby has been moving like crazy and yes I look pregnant. I cannot hide it anymore. Take a look. I think my butt is getting as big as my stomach.

My friend Laura (who is due in January) and I joined deep water aerobics last week. It was supposed to be pregnancy plunge, but there were not enough pregnant people so we joined the other class. It actually feels wonderfu, but when I get out of the water I feel really heavy.

I was finally able to obtain a flu shot at F&M. I was placed on a waiting list and was lucky to get one. Also, I am now being careful because Hand, Foot and Mouth disease has been going through the district. Hopefully we have no outbreaks at school. Cross your fingers.