On November 20, 2004 our friend Katie Brown and our family had a baby shower for us at the Red Lion Cafe. We were supposed to be going to Junior’s 28th birthday party (Katie’s husband). When I got the invitation in the mail, my first thought was, “Who has a 28th birthday party?” After weeks of getting invites to other functions for the weekend after Thanksgiving, I started to become suspicious. I knew “they” were trying to throw me off.

We were supposed to be there at 5:30 p.m. But, everyone who knows Tim and me know we are always late, plus the roads were ugly due to the rain. Of course, the first stop I make wherever we go is the BATHROOM. I walked into the Red Lion Cafe’s restroom and ran into two of my college roommates – chasing after their children. At that point I don’t think anyone knew that we were there. I walked into the banquet room and half of the people were busy talking and didn’t realize I walked in. I finally said surprise to them and they knew the party was on the way.

After eating pizza and subs we got down to business. Tim entertained our friend Pete, while his wife was enjoying the shower. We got some wonderful gifts from everyone and it was great to see everyone’s excitement about the new bundle of joy that was soon going to enter our lives.