The Countdown Begins

6 more weeks to go – give or take.

Yes, the time is soon here and I cannot wait.
Let’s just say life is getting a little difficult for me. I start my 34th week
this week, which means about 6 more weeks to go – give or take.


We traveled to good old Pine
Grove for Christmas – our last visit until the baby is born. Of course we had
to make our family stops that weekend to make sure everyone saw us and was
happy. I was thrilled to get my sewing machine and have been busy using it.
Who would have ever thought that I would become domestic? Tim keeps calling it
my nesting instincts. Tim was excited to get his head lamp and decided he was
going to try to read his book at night in bed with it on, so I could sleep.
Well, that was put to an end shortly. Let’s just say it is very bright. Tim
also wanted a jig saw (cuts wood) but was given a jigsaw puzzle by my mom. When
she saw it on his list, she wondered why he wanted a jigsaw puzzle- we always
need a little humor. The baby got a few things too. Can you tell that it will
be spoiled?

See our holiday


The nursery is finally getting
done. I’m starting to become frantic for some reason, because I want it ready
to go. We put the crib together this evening – it looks very nice. Tomorrow,
Tim and Chris are going to put the rest of the furniture together. I hope Chris
doesn’t break anything – just kidding. Also, boys, watch out for the newly
painted walls! Then I get to do wash and fold all the cute little outfits that
we got.


Yesterday we went for a check-up
at the doctor. Everything sounds good. The only concern they have at this
point is the positioning of the baby. Right now the little stinker is sitting
straight up, but we should be starting to turn by now to get ready for the
birth. We go on January 10th for another visit and if the baby has not turned
to the head first position, we have to get an ultrasound done and go through a
turning procedure – which I hear is very painful for the mother! If that
turning procedure does not work, we need to get a c-section. Let’s just hope
our little one takes advantage of the next two weeks to

When we went for a visit two
weeks ago I asked a question about how long they would like me to work. They
said I was able to work until I went into labor. I then brought up the concern
about going into labor or my water breaking in front of my kindergartners. The
midwife told me to respond like this (think in a caring and calm voice- while
smiling): “Oh. Mrs. Brixius is going to have her baby.” Well in that instant,
my kids would go wild. The doctor’s office does not realize that I work in the
“psych ward.”