Our Weird Child

This past week Delton has been wanting to sleep with weird objects and becomes very upset when he can’t. Items that have had the pleasure of sleeping with Delton:

  • toothbrush
  • bath towel slightly damp from bath
  • t-shirt that he wore all day
  • plastic snow globe
  • toy school bus

We are hopping this is only a phase and will end soon. At times he also insists on taking these items to school too.

Talking about school…we had a parent conference this week about how Delton is doing in school. He is doing fine. We had to laugh at this comment:

“Responds to simple directions, but sometimes with limits (When outside: its time to go inside, Delton will start coming but then run back until teacher redirects him back to the door; it’s time to clean up the people/animals – Delton will say, ‘no,no’ but after seeing others put away toys, will join.)”

We are so proud of our boy.