Yes, we do exsist!

Update on what is going on in the Brixius household.

Happy New Year everyone!!

We have done an awful job keeping our blog updated, we have been very busy.

We have had a very busy year in 2006. We all have been doing well and everything is going great for us. Tim started his graduate courses this fall at Penn State in American Studies. He once again is having fun writing papers late at night to all hours – he has not changed!!

Delton is doing great. He has grown up so much over the past year. He started at a new school this fall and we are very pleased. We are trying to prepare him for his new brother/sister. He has a big boy bed now and has only fallen out one time (it is less than 6 inches off the floor – don’t worry, we have a pad there too). I thought we would have a very hard time getting him to adjust to a big boy bed, but it was very easy. He has been crazy over construction vehicles and buses this past year. We have learned a lot about dump trucks, cranes, diggers, etc. He has also experienced the public library downtown and loves it. We go every other week to exchange our books. Delton also has started to talk in phrases and sing songs now. It is very cute to listen to him.

I myself have been enjoying another good year teaching kindergarten. We have had a few changes at Ross- new principal and staff. At first it was very stressful, but it is getting better.
I am starting the final countdown of my pregnancy. I’m 29 weeks and only have 11 more weeks to go to see if we get a boy or a girl. I will be taking the rest of the year off and have not decided if I will be going back to work in the fall due the cost of child care.

Chloe and Penny have been doing great. Penny has been a real trooper with Delton and has pretty much kept her fangs in her mouth. Delton likes to chase her around the house and usually hit her in some way. Chloe is the same old. Still gentle as ever and enjoys some alone moments with our neighbor John, sunbathing. Chloe has been doing a great job putting up with Delton. Even through her medical examinations that Delton has been giving her with his new doctor kit.

We have a new pet this year and that is BB the hermit crab. My mom bought BB during our vacation at the beach this past summer in Bethany. Hence the name BB (Bethany Beach). Delton has also learned to torment even a hermit crab.

I know a lot more happened this past year, but I don’t want to bore you to death! Have a great year!!!!!!!!