Crazzzzzzzy Week

We had a very crazy week!! Thank God it is the weekend and I am enjoying it by sitting on my pregnant butt – even though I’m uncomfortable.

3 weeks and 1 day left until the due date of our little one. Starting to get the itch to clean. I had Tim drag out the baby clothes this week to wash and hang up. I left the blue items in the container in hopes of having to buy some pink. Even though I am being pessimistic that it will be a boy. I guess we will need to wait and see what happens!

We went to many doctor appointments this week. Our first appointment was a check-up for Delton’s tubes, which got installed on February 19th. The left ear looked good, but the tube in the right ear is blocked. So, we need to place drops in his right ear 2 times a day, which is a little tricky to do with a 2 year old. Thank God for Curious George and Sesame Street.

Our second appointment was for a check-up at the “baby doctor”, as Delton says. Everything is going well. Baby is in position, now we need to wait and wait.

Our third appointment was for Chloe. For the past couple of weeks she has had a growth on her leg, which kept getting bigger. So, after a trip to the vet and $500, she had a cyst removed and biopsied to make sure it was not cancerous (we need to wait a week).

Our final appointment was for Delton’s 2 year check up. He is 35 inches tall and 30 pounds 15 ounces. Everything looked good, except for the strep throat – which we had no clue about. Dr. Krak was very surprised about some of the conversations Delton had with him. He commented that we might have a “medical prodigy” on our hands after he started sticking the bulb from the blood pressure cuff in his ears. Maybe we will have a doctor in the family in the future.

I have a student teacher right now and she will be completing her full week of teaching next week. I’m grateful for her because I have been able to get things together for my sub when I go out for maternity leave for the rest of the year. Probably sitting in the staff room doing computer work will drive me nuts, but it is perfect timing.


One thought on “Crazzzzzzzy Week

  1. Sorry your week was so crazy, but glad the weekend brought some relief. How nice to have a student teacher now so you can prepare to not be there when your baby comes. I am glad things are going well, even if busy and crazy 🙂 Thinking of you often!!

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