Can you believe…..

I waited all week to have my hair done and my appointment was canceled. Can you believe it?

Everyone kept asking me this week, “So when are you going to have that baby?” My reply was, “After Thursday night because I need to get my hair done.”  So, I had to go into school today without my new look. Now I have to wait until Tuesday at 12 to get my hair done. I’m going to try and hold out having this baby until after Tuesday afternoon. You know you need to look good when you are in labor.

Today was my last day of work. It kind of felt good, but sad at the same time. I guess it is finally setting into my head that I am going to have this baby soon. I just hate the anticipation of waiting.


One thought on “Can you believe…..

  1. Sorry to hear that your appointment got cancelled. But, yeah! to the last day of work. At least now you can relax some and rest up for the energy you will need when the baby decides to come. Thinking of you often!

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