Still pregnant

Yes, I am still pregnant. Nothing much happening. A few more contractions today.

It is kind of weird being at home and just relaxing. Well I haven’t been really just relaxing. I have been out and about – spending money of course. Which is bad, bad, bad!!  Everyone keeps telling me to walk – so shopping is the way to do it.

I went and had my hair done yesterday (high-lights – in my opinion they are a little to light) and then went shopping in southern Lancaster County.

Today I went shopping once again. I’m trying to find a lamp for Delton’s room (found one). It was nice going to Target this morning at 10:30 and just walk around and look at things.


3 thoughts on “Still pregnant

  1. Glad you are about to enjoy this time- the walking zombie days will come all too soon so enjoy the shopping and time off work. Thanks for keeping us posted and well informed! You and Amy can race for having the baby first 🙂

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