Will it ever end?

We had a doctors appointment this morning, and everything is looking good. OF COURSE!

I had another ultrasound and the tech was surprised to see us. She was hoping that we would have not made it- I’m with her there. Amniotic fluid was good – 12 cm. Onto the next appointment – the non-stress test. At least I got a juice box and crackers out of this appointment! Everything looked well and they said it was one of the best non-stress tests they have seen in a while. That is good, at least my little one is healthy. Then onto the lovely internal examination.

I had a new mid-wife (to me not the practice). Tim knew her from the dog park, which is a little weird. Of course the two of them were talking dogs for a few minutes. Hello I’m sitting here with a child that NEEDS to come out and you two want to talk about dogs. Then she started talking about what options that I had available. She suggested waiting for things to move along naturally – I just wanted to scream, “NO – SEND ME OVER NOW!” I’m still 2 cm and 50% effaced. When we were going home, I told Tim that I hope I don’t have her for delivery because the two of them probably would talk about dogs all the time. I might become a little irritated at that point.

I remember they (the practice) told me I wouldn’t have to wait as long this time, that they would induce sooner. Well it is kind of getting close to being about the same time frame as Delton. I am ready or should I say beyond ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT OUT.


3 thoughts on “Will it ever end?

  1. Your appointment sounds as frustrating as mine. Although, I am not overdue yet but I’m sure my baby is going to be just as stubborn. Good luck!!

  2. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get the news you wanted. I am glad baby is healthy and doing well. If you hang on a few more days – we could all have our babies in April! 🙂 Sorry- I know that isn’t what you wanted to hear. hang in there!

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