Happy Cinco de Mayo

Hello everyone!  We are alive and kicking here in the Brixius household.  Not much happening around here.

A few things to let you know:

  • Delton went on his first ride at a carnival this week.  He cried at first, but was enjoying it by the end.  Of course we forgot our camera so we couldn’t get pictures.  I think Tim enjoyed the helicopters more than Delton.
  • Tim is currently working on his final paper for the grad class he is taking this semester.  Personally I can’t wait until he is done.  I miss seeing him and talking, since he is locked up in the attic and working very hard.  It’s been a very long week and I’m feeling very alone.
  • Delton is suffering from allergies.  I feel so bad for him.  His eyes and nose are running like crazy.  We took him to the doctor last night to make sure it was allergies.  I called the doctor to get the correct dosage  of meds, but they wanted us to bring him in to make sure it was allergies.  The doctor said, “Mom was right!!!!”  Thank you very much.  It’s weird how mother knows best when it comes to their child is sick.
  • Delton had his first taste of cotton candy.  He had no clue how to eat it, he was very confused.  I think he was expecting something that looked like a piece of chocolate.
  • Julia has an out brake of baby acne right now.
  • Delton is spending the night at my mom’s house.  Last time he went he threw-up all over the place (I felt bad that she had to deal with it and I wasn’t there for my child – she never gave me a call to let me know).  He didn’t really want to go.  I think he associates getting sick to going to her house.  So, I hope he has an uneventful night

One thought on “Happy Cinco de Mayo

  1. Sounds like Delton had a fun week! Those are some of the milestones you don’t read about -but just as important in his growth and development. I can sympathize with your missing Tim. I remember how hard it was when Ashlyn was born and Gary was coaching baseball, working, and taking classes. I hope he is soon able to finish the paper and you two can enjoy some time together. Hope Delton was okay at your mom’s house -hopefully no sickness this time! If it helps any- I haven’t been to church in weeks. If Riley doesn’t soon sleep better, I may never get there again. He was up for 4 hours last night…..thank goodness for Gary helping and taking some of those hours. Too bad tomorrow is Monday already and he has to go back to work. I am sure you feel the same way about Tim!

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