Oh my…

We received a call today from my good friend, Laura, she was heading to the hospital to have her baby girl.  I hope everything goes well for her.  Our son’s are 2 1/2 months apart and love to play with each other.  Now we will have daughter’s who are a month apart, hopefully they will get along as well as Jacob and Delton.

I received a call today from a church friend, asking if we would be able to help out a family  in our congregation, who needs someone to watch their 4 year old tonight into tomorrow.  They have another child who is in the hospital and needs some help right now. Of course I said  yes.  Hopefully I can handle a 4 year old, 2 year old and a 1 month old.  Wish me luck!


One thought on “Oh my…

  1. You are amazing! I can’t imagine taking care of all those kids…but you are wonderful for so lovingly and willingly saying yes. I hope things go well for you tonight! I also hope Laura has a healthy delivery and everything goes well.

    Glad Tim is finished with his paper so you two can see more of each other. We need those husbands to keep us sane 🙂 Hopefully everyone is feeling well in your house soon.

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