Guide to the Keystone State

Since Leish mentioned the 20-page graduate paper that sucked up ALL of my free time (and some of my sleepy time too) for the past two weeks, I thought I’d post about it here.

So, in case you didn’t know, I decided to finally get my feet wet with grad school by joining the American Studies program at Penn State-Harrisburg last fall. It caters to older, working students and offers a lot of connections to all of Central PA’s historical organizations, some of which I wouldn’t mind working for someday.

This paper was for my intro class taught by the somewhat eccentric Charles Kupfer. Couldn’t ask for a nicer fellow, and, since he has three younger children, was very understanding when it came to skipping class after Julia’s birth.

Since picking it up at F&M’s library last summer, I became fascinated with a Pennsylvania guidebook produced by the Federal Writers Project (an arm of the WPA) in 1940. I set out to just write about how the book was produced, but decided to take a different approach when I realized how much time-intensive, archival research that would involve.

So, instead I created a project proposal for incorporating the text of the book with Google Earth, which allowed me to combine two of my favorite things: history and technology. It still ended up taking a lot of time, but it has the potential to be something I can continue to build on as I progress through the grad program at Penn State. We’ll see.

If you know what Google Earth is and care to explore my project a bit more, click here.

Thanks to the missus for being so understanding about all my late nights. I can now return to my regularly-scheduled life…until July, that is.


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