Mother’s Day

I just want to thank my husband for a wonderful Mother’s Day he planned. We woke up early because we decided to go out for breakfast before church at the Apple Tree(We have found the secret of getting to church on time and that is…… take showers the night before.).

Before I even got out of bed, Delton brought me some wonderful gifts:

  • A silver heart locket with Delton and Julia’s picture
  • A replacement part to the front of the TV that Delton ripped off while I was nursing Julia – with an apology written on the outside of the box
  • A t-shirt with Delton and Julia’s pictures
  • And of course the gift that all mother’s want – underwear (aren’t you glad you know that!!!) Now I know how my dad felt every time we bought him underwear and socks for holidays.

After church we went and met my family (mom, Dale, Jeremy, grandma, Jane, Jim, Steph, Ty, Lindz, Jeremiah (Dale’s son), and Deb) for a picnic lunch at Coleman’s Park in Lebanon. It was a chilly day, but it was relaxing and nice. Delton had a blast playing the whole entire day. To end the day we stopped outside of Manheim at a little restaurant called The Kountry Kitchen and had ice cream at Bruster’s.

It was a great day and it wouldn’t have been without my wonderful children and my wonderful husband. Thank you!!!


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