Hello South Carolina!

After a very, very long trip, we have made it to South Carolina (decided to go all the way through). We left yesterday morning at 5:30 and got to our hotel at 10:00 pm. We made excellent time yesterday morning, but ran into 3 traffic jams (1 in which Julia decided it was time to eat and we had no place to go, she cried for 20+ minutes) in the afternoon that delayed us. We are staying at Drury Inn and Suites.

We were going to stop at Dinosaur Land in Virginia, but we got there too early. We did stop at the Natural Bridge in Virginia, but decided we didn’t want to pay $12 to go see a rock, and the place looked pretty run down and shady. Delton enjoyed running around the very large gift shop looking at all the items. We then stopped for lunch at a park and spent about an hour and a half there. Delton played in a creek to cool off and had a blast. We also had to stop for a few nursings (1 just 15 miles from the hotel – urgh).

We saw a wide variety of gas prices on our way down. We saw as high as $3.25 and as low as $2.77 (0f course we had just filled our tank for $3.09/gallon).

Everyone slept pretty well last night, except Tim. Bob (Tim’s mom’s beau) snored like crazy (more than my mom and dad!). Julia only go up once at 4:00 a.m. Of course Delton was up at his usual 6:20 a.m. He didn’t even come over to us and wake us up. We kept hearing the fainting banging of the bedroom door (staying in a suite) and it was Delton trying to get out. Tim was a great husband and got up with him. Thank you for getting up!! We had breakfast this morning and it was pretty good. We were able to make our own waffles!!


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