12 weeks old

Julia was 12 weeks (3 months) old today. She is a very happy baby and we are so happy to be blessed with another happy child. She loves to sit on your lap and watch your face and interacts (talks and smiles) with you. Julia has discovered her voice and at times becomes loud. We have noticed that she wants to sit up when you are holding her so she can see what is happening. If you lay her down she lets you know she wants up.

Julia also loves to stand up while you hold her hands. She gets the biggest smile on her face when she stands up. I think she might soon be ready for the jumper that can be attached to the frame between our dining and living room. I’ll wait a few more weeks. I can just see it now: Delton goes over to Julia and pulls her down and she shoots straight up in the air bouncing all over the place like a super ball. It probably would look like a scene from a cartoon.

Julia slept from 10 pm last night until 7 am this morning. She got up and nursed and went back to sleep until 10 am. We placed her in bed around 8:30 tonight. We are trying to get her on a bedtime schedule – don’t know if it will work. We also are starting to have her put herself to sleep. She only fussed for about 7 minutes tonight and went to sleep. If she gets the night thing down, I only need to worry about the morning and afternoon naps (no indication of a schedule starting there!).


4 thoughts on “12 weeks old

  1. She is a happy and beautiful baby….I’m glad it is going so well and you are enjoying it so much! I love the image of Julia in the jumper….too funny. The time is going so fast….they will be turning one before we know it. Glad you have a good sleeper on your hands- let me know how the bedtime routine works for you. Still working on that here as well. No nap schedule showing up at my house either. I think that is 4 – 6 months or something like that. Riley fussed- or should I say downright protested- for 45 minutes last night at bedtime. He was just mad I wasn’t holding him. I think you need to have Julia teach Riley how to sleep well. maybe in July she can give him a lesson.

    Totally unrelated–did Tim hear that state schools (colleges and universities) may be going on strike so he may not get to take a class at PSU this summer.

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