One lucky guy

This is nearly two weeks overdue, but I wanted to fill you in on the awesome Father’s Day I had this year.

The morning began as it usually does—with the creaking of Delton’s door (we consider the squeaky hinges an advanced warning system) and the pitter-patter of his little feet to our bedside. After a few minutes adjusting to the morning, he helps me open all the gifts that Aleisha stayed up late wrapping the night before:

  • a badly needed Craftsman screwdriver set
  • two boxes of Gertrude Hawk Smidgens (the cookies and cream are awesome, especially cooled in the fridge)
  • Me and My Dad (a picture book tradition Leish began my first Father’s Day)
  • a new non-stick iron (the old one was driving me nuts)
  • a kick-ass t-shirt with the kids’ photos on

And somehow, on top of juggling the two rugrats all day, Aleisha managed to do this.

But wait, there’s more! After church we met Dale and Jeremy at Haag’s Hotel for lunch. Not all the food is great, but I was hungry for something Dutchy, and any place that’s been around since 1915 is alright in my book. I almost lost my cool with Delton, who was very vocal about not wanting to sit in a highchair or any chair at all for that matter.

To round out this perfect day, I convinced everyone that this was an opportune time for Delton’s first trip to Roadside America. I have fond memories of this huge miniature display from my own childhood, and to this day, I’m fascinated by all the intricate details of its layout. In fact, strange as this may seem, I think it’s one of the reasons I developed such an interest in early to mid-Twentieth century American culture, seeing as that’s the timeframe that Laurence T. Gieringer sought to capture in his attraction. I’m hoping find some angle for writing a paper about it at some point during my Penn State career.

Delton became fixated pushing all the buttons, so I’m sure he missed little details like this:

More pics

While Aleisha nursed Julia in the car, we fellas watched some geese and some gigantic koi duke it out over Cheerios we threw into the cement pond of an abandoned petting zoo out back. Then we headed home. Thank you, hon! Thank you, kids!


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