My children and me…

I’m sitting at the dinning room table waiting for Delton to finish his dinner and I just had to share a few stories. Tim’s at class tonight and it’s just plain old me with the children.


Delton is sitting at the table and requested an apple to eat because he won’t eat what I made, of course. I sometimes wonder if he will ever eat vegetables and fruits again. He used to eat them like crazy. We made the mistake of introducing him to dry fruit – we are trying not to give him so much because of the sugar and diaper problems (you can get the picture). Well, back to the apple. He started eating it, but started crying and spit his entire mouth full on the table. He wants me to peel his apple. Okay, you’re thinking that’s normal for a child, a peeled apple. But, here is the weird thing, he wants to eat the peel! Can’t say he doesn’t get his fiber


Is as happy as a lark, for now. Her hunger pangs will soon set in. While she is sitting in her high chair watching us eat she is sucking and chewing her top lip and sucking on a burp cloth. It is hilarious to watch. She is almost rolling over from her belly to her back. She just needs to get her leg over.


I went to get weighed in today and gained 4 ounces, no big deal to me. But, the counselor that weighed me was so worried. I almost told her to chill out…it’s 4 ounces. It could be many things. For all I know it could be my underwear, the fact that Julia needs to eat, or that my bladder is the size of a gallon of milk. Hello lady, chill. She was looking into changing my plan and everything else. Give me time!

Alright, I need to go. I have two kids crying, and I’m going insane. If you read the front page of the newspaper tomorrow, you might see me with my hair pulled out and my eyes glowing.


2 thoughts on “My children and me…

  1. I hate the times I am on my own with the kids! I hope it got better for you after this. The weight lady needs to back off a bit- 4 oz isn’t anything!

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