Silent, but still here

I received a call Monday late morning, that I could (could meant I would like you too) come in and get my classroom ready for testing. The thing is, testing was the next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, I had the children and it was nap time. I was very upset that I got the call that late to set up my room. I have been testing my new students the past two days. Boy, I forgot how much they don’t know at the beginning of the year. Only 9 out of my 20 students showed. I was frustrated that I was spending my time in my hot, sticky classroom, with sweat forming in places that I never had occur.

I think I’m in a state of depression right now because I really don’t want to go back to school. I don’t want to put up with the last minute stuff that is always handed to us to be done by an unreasonable amount of time, the attitude and treatment of some staff towards other staff and leaving my children in the care of someone else. But, it’s something I need to do, so we can pay our bills and those lovely student loans that will always be lurking in the shadows for the next 20 years.

Next week I have technology training at a school just down the street. So, I will be gone for 4 days next week.


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