Tuesday Morning

I have a story to share about Delton, it’s soooooo cute:

Of course the D-man gets up at his usual 6:15 a.m. and comes running into our bedroom to hop into bed (he only gets in on Tim’s side) as happy as a lark.  He’s laying there for a bit and started talking to us and asked if we could go downstairs.  Tim told him, “I need to get dressed before we go down.”  Delton gets out of bed and goes over to Tim’s closet and opens the door and starts picking out what Tim should where.  He kept asking Tim, “Is this shirt good?” while he pulled out the bottom part of the shirt.  Tim got up and started getting dressed and asked Delton what mommy should wear.  So, he went over to my closet and opened up the door to find something to wear.  He picked a floral sundress out, good choice.  I was very impressed.

You had to be there.  It’s so much better actually being there watching and listening to him then me typing it out.  Tim probably could have described it a lot better than me.

I find it very hilarious how it mimics adults  how they talk and act.   He sounds so grown up at times, in such a little body.


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