So Much DUST!

Our neighbor, John, is awesome and we love living beside him and having him there for us. He is in the process of getting his home repointed (sanding the white lining between the bricks) and boy is it a mess for both of us. We had to cover up our AC unit this morning and turn it off for the day and keep all windows closed because of the dust. I’m posting some pictures of the dust. I hope it’s only one day of dust. I just noticed on the picture that the back of his house still needs to be done, argh! I’m just wondering what harm it is doing to us? Thank goodness I had the kids away today. We might have to do the same tomorrow.


John’s House is on the left (don’t know why this picture has a blue border).


This is our table with a clear glass top.


This is suppose to be a green grape leaf.


No, the plants aren’t dry they are dusty.


Delton’s poor dinosaur bubble machine, can’t even see.



One thought on “So Much DUST!

  1. Oh the poor bubble machine! What a mess! I can’t believe all the mess and dust and dirt. Yuk!! I hope you are able to get away from the mess again. Sorry you have to deal with all that.

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