It’s getting easier

Today was my third day dropping off the kids at school. Julia is doing a great job, she is starting to take the bottle better. Delton is still having a great time. He is a little reluctant going in in the morning, but gets over it pretty fast. He seems to still be getting along with the other students and he is becoming a little more independent.

Tim and I snuk out to see a movie today. We went to see Harry Potter. I felt so bad doing it, but we needed some alone time. We don’t really get any alone time, ever. I guess that happens when you don’t have family that live in the area.  The movie was great.  The thing is I always forget what happened in the book because I read it so long ago.

My room is almost done. I really cleaned out this year. I never was able to do that, since I was rushed into that room 3 years ago. I have a fancy schmancy union luncheon tomorrow at Doneckers, Ephrata.  I’m the union rep for our building, should be fun and exciting – yeah right.  We are currently working without a contract or superintendent.  Should be an interesting year.


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