Delton’s New Fears and Julia’s Smiles

Delton has been having a rough time going to school lately. He cries every time we drop him off. I feel so bad. Tim dropped him off the past two days, and he really melted down yesterday. I just don’t know what the problem is. I hope he soon gets over it. I hate having him cry when we leave.

A few words of wisdom about school from Delton:

Last week when we told him we were going to school he looks at us and says, “I don’t want to go to school. I just want to stay home and be a family.” Doesn’t that melt your heart?

Today when Tim picked Delton and Julia up, Julia was crying. Delton looked at Julia and said, “It’s ok Julia, school’s over now.” As you can tell, he associates crying with school.

We have also found out that Delton has a new fear and that is the bath tub drain. He doesn’t like to be in the bath tub when the water is going down. He thinks that he is going to be sucked down the drain. (Tim had the same fear when he was little.)

But, of course we can’t forget about the little smiling Julia. She is doing well at school. She isn’t drinking a lot of milk while there, and I’m a little concerned about that, but she seems happy. At this point, she is more interested in cereal and applesauce. I know she will tell us if she is truly hungry. It is so weird having a little one who isn’t that interested in eating, unlike the D man.

We went last Friday to pick peaches to make peach baby food. Tim made some the other night, since I was working so hard on my video for school. I have to finish the rest this week before we head back to Tioga county.


One thought on “Delton’s New Fears and Julia’s Smiles

  1. I am so sorry to hear that D isn’t enjoying going to school. I hope that it soon gets better. I am sure with consistency and lots of reassurance it will get better. Will his center let him take/keep/post on the wall a picture of the family – then he can go look at it during the day when he misses you? Just a though. A had that problem at church last year so I just didn’t put her in the room, but you can’t do that.

    The tub drain fear- I think it is a right of passage through the twos. A had the same thing- we just explained to her that only the water goes down there, not people. And we made sure to get her out first. Eventually she seemed to get over it.

    I love the D quotes. How sweet and wonderful the things they say and think at this age. He is just adorable.

    Gad Julia is doing well. R doesn’t take much bottles at day care either – so I am actually glad to hear that about Julia. Makes me feel better. I am glad she is growing and smiling and being so happy.

    Keep us posted on how everything is going. Hope the first day with kids goes well tomorrow!

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