I miss my children

Today was a very busy day. I was only able to see my children for 30 minutes, which stinks.

I had meetings galore today and only got home after 8 tonight 😦

We had back to school night. I’m so happy I went for just 7 families to show. I even printed labels and stuck them on them stating that we had back to school night tonight. I guess it didn’t work.

Julia is growing like a weed. I can hardly believe that she is 5 months old. She is loving the solid fruits and rolling around. She got her first cold this week, me along with her 😦 Hopefully we both can breath out of our noses soon. The problem is we can’t find the bulb syringes to clean out her nose. Somebody has been playing with them and chasing the dog around, I wonder who that was? She still is very happy even though she probably feels like crap.

Delton is doing a better job at school. He stopped crying in the morning when he is dropped off in the morning. Tim found the secret – reading a book. Of, course Delton picks the longest book for Tim to read. I can’t believe how manipulative a 2 1/2 year can be. He received 2 accident reports this week at school. He now has a 3 inch scratch on his face by his ear. We can’t get what happened out of him, we just know a girl did it. He also had a check up on Monday for the tubes in his ears. Everything looks good and we go back in another 6 months for a check up. Hopefully we stay away from ear infections.

We will be leaving Friday to go camping. Hopefully all goes well. This is the first time that Julia will be sleeping in a tent. Wish us luck!


One thought on “I miss my children

  1. First..love the picture timeline on your banner!

    I am with you…why does our job have to take us away so much from our kids….very sad!

    Sorry you and J are sick – hope everyone feels better soon! Glad D’s ear appointment went well.

    Good luck camping- you are so brave!

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