Camping Pics

Seems like our trip to Gifford Pinchot was eons ago, but here’s some pics anyway.

Illness has descended upon the Brixius residence. Julia had a mild fever which prevented her from going to school today. It’s just as well, as I was not up to going to work today myself. Fever, achy joints, nausea. Probably some virus. Delton seems OK now, but he’s been coughing and waking up at night.

Perhaps worst off is Aleisha, who not only has to deal with us, but also faces a ton of stress at work right now. Hang in there, hon!


One thought on “Camping Pics

  1. Thanks for sharing your pics! Looks like everyone had fun.

    So sorry to hear you and J are sick- hope you feel better soon and that d and Leish don’t end up with it.

    Hopefully things get less stressful for Leish…I’m thinking of her!

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