Stress, stress and more stress!

What a week it has been.  It seemed like I had a meeting every night – I did, except Friday.

As I mentioned before I am head tutor at our school, which comes with a lot of work to get it going.  This past week I had 3 meetings just for tutoring.  Yesterday, I had a meeting with the staff I will be working with at Ross and boy did I get push back. I was ready to explode, since the day started out bad.

My bad day:

  1. Julia is sick
  2. Tim is sick
  3. I’m tired
  4. Need to take Delton to school (Tim usually does)
  5. Only got to school at 8:25
  6. Left my bag at home with all my books for teaching for the day
  7. Had to make copies of books I needed for the day
  8. Lesson plans in my bag – I know what I’m doing, but can you say the word principal?
  9. I’m tired – stayed up until 1 getting items ready for my tutor meeting
  10. My kids are wild (FULL MOON)
  11. My room is sooooooo hot
  12. Had 10 minutes to eat lunch (still nursing, but I think I’m on the verge of quiting – to stressful right now)
  13. Don’t have a special until 2:45
  14. Kids at special for only 10 minutes because specialist had to deal with behavior problem
  15. Did I mention I’m tired
  16. My room is even hotter
  17. No aide for the day
  18. Suppose to have a meeting during special with after school coordinator – didn’t happen because of special
  19. Copier jammed
  20. Got Toner all over my boob
  21. Tutor meeting stressful because they don’t like how I set up the tutor classes (Finally told the person who was complaining – “Here is the list you figure out a better way!”  She wouldn’t)
  22. Late for the doctor
  23. I’m still tired

Well today went a lot better.  I think it was the cup of Dunkin Donut coffee sitting on my desk this morning from Linda.  Thanks!!  I get her coffee on Tuesdays and she does Fridays. Everything is so much better when you have the cup of coffee sitting comfy in your hand.
Tomorrow I’m off to a crop from 9-6.  I can’t wait to work on some of my pages.  I’ll also get to spend time with my mom alone, which never happens.  Even though Dale will call her about 3 times during the time that we are there (LOL).

As I mentioned above, I don’t know if I will be able to continue to nurse this time.  I nursed Delton until he was 13-14 months old and I wanted to do the same for Julia.  But, it is a lot harder this time.  The principal that was at Ross when Delton was born was great with the nursing thing.  Our principal now, doesn’t really understand the whole nursing deal.  When I only get 20 minutes to pump and eat lunch it isn’t a very relaxing time.  I could probably wait to eat during my special, except on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I might give that a try this week.

I have other things going on, but don’t feel like mentioning them because guess what?  I”M TIRED!  I’m going to bed before 12 tonight!  Way to go you work-a-holic!!


One thought on “Stress, stress and more stress!

  1. Oh, sweety, I am so sorry! (I guess we both had bad weeks and needed to let it out as evidenced by me crazy wednesday post) Hang in there = summer is only 9 months away. I am actually counting down the days of the year already…22 days in and only 158 to go. You are a wonderful teacher and a wonderful mother. You are working hard and making this sacrifice for your family….the simple fact that you go and put up with all this shows how much you love your family. As far as the nursing thing, do what you feel best about. If eating at a different time doesnt work for you- what I have been doing is nursing R in the am, he gets formula at day care (he doesn’t like the bottle much and loves food so it is usually just one maybe two bottles) and then I leave work to go get him, nurse him as soon as we get home and then at bedtime- and of course during the night because he still is hit or miss on sleeping all the way until morning. So maybe that can be the compromise that will work for you. I still get to nurse but I don’t have to pump. It isn’t too expensive because taking only formula then makes the can last a long time. You are at 6 months also…that is the minimum that is suggested for nursing, so don’t be hard on yourself if you decide to move to formula. Do what works best for you- J is happy and healthy (well, okay, she is sick now, but overall healthy) and will adjust to whatever you need to do. You are a wonderful mommy!

    I am glad you are going to get to crop today and spend time with your mom- we all need some stress-free time and some time to just sit back and relax. Have a wonderful time! I am thinking of you!!! (sorry for the post on your post!)

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