6 months old

Where has the time gone. I can’t believe that Julia is 6 months old already. She has been such a blessing. She is always so happy.

She is starting to sit by herself and has become very inquisitive. When she hears something that she finds interesting she bends in all sorts of directions to see what is going on. She also gets a kick out of watching Delton, Chloe and Penny. Of course, Delton loves to ham it up when he can.

We go for her 6 month old well baby check up on Friday. Of course we will see how she has grown and get a few shots while we are at it 😦


One thought on “6 months old

  1. can’t wait to hear how she has grown and all that good stuff. Wow- sitting by herself! That is great. Riley tries but topples over withing a minute or so. Hope the shots go well. Any teeth yet? Riley has been super fussy this week and waking me up many times at night. But I don’t see or feel anything in there. I think he is just trying to make me a little crazy. So glad Julia is so happy for you. Hope she and Tim are feeling better this week!

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