Delton has finally entered the “why” stage of his development. You know, the one that includes exchanges like this:

DELTON (watching a scene from Mary Poppins where Mr. Banks has been summoned by his employers to be fired): Do daddies go to work?

TIM: Yes, sometimes. The old man asked that daddy to come to work.

D: Why?

T: To attend a meeting.

D: Why?

T: Because he got in trouble.

D: Why?

T: Because his boy wouldn’t put his money in the bank.

D: Why?

T: Because he wanted to give it to the pigeon lady.

D: Why?

T: So she could feed the birds.

D: Why?

T (trying desperately to change the subject): Look, that man punched a hole in his hat.

D: Why?

After singing him a couple of the songs, Aleisha thought Delton would like Mary Poppins. Boy, was she right. Tonight, after closing his door for bedtime, we heard him singing to himself, “Um-diddle-diddle-diddle-um-diddle-eye.”


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