Our 7th Anniversary!

Can you believe that Tim and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary tomorrow!  We dropped the kids off with my dad today and I hope everything is going well.  This is the first time I have been away from Julia for a night.  I called and checked in on everyone and found out that Julia woofed down two bottles in one sitting.  What a little pig.  That other bottle was for tomorrow.  I hope my dad has enough milk until we get there tomorrow.  He can’t just go out and buy formula.

Tim and I went out to eat tonight at El Serano (my favorite restaurant) and headed over to Barnes and Nobles.  Aren’t we exciting folks!  We were going to go to a movie, but nothing caught our attention.  Maybe Tim will make me breakfast in bed tomorrow!  HINT HINT…

I forgot to mention I had a lovely fruity drink tonight.  A strawberry Margarita.  Boy was it good.  Of course I felt tipsy and was flushed from one drink.  I can’t down them like I use to.  I guess not being able to drink for the past 3 years has caused that.


One thought on “Our 7th Anniversary!

  1. alcohol? What is that? Just kidding! So happy for you and Tim! I am glad you had a calm and loving evening together! You are a wonderful team and you have an amazing family! So glad that you are still loving and enjoying each other after 7 years! Happy Anniversary!!

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