Sick day

Had to pick up Delton from daycare yesterday morning as he was running a fever of 101.9°F. One of the teachers noticed him missing as they were gathering for an activity. They decided to take his temp when they realized he was laying on the carpet on the other side of the room—apparently, quite unusual for him.

Since this happened near noon, he had to stay out of school today as well. After some debate, we decided he should go to the doctor even though he was acting fine and the fever was gone. Good thing too, since he apparently has a “touch” of strep throat. Fortunately, we went early enough this morning, so that he’ll have been on antibiotic 24 hours before drop off tomorrow.

In spite of his diagnosis, we went to the Hands-On-House after his appointment. Hope he didn’t pass anything on to the twenty or so kids there. I took off work, figuring I’d get some work done in the afternoon while he napped. I did accomplish a little, but he did not fall asleep.

After that, he wanted to watch Mary Poppins. It was already in the VCR (yes, we still have one of those), so I just hit PLAY. It was near the end, and when he realized that, he asked me to “turn it to that other page.” Right concept, wrong media. Weird to think he may never understand what “rewind” means.


One thought on “Sick day

  1. our kids are digital natives…Ashlyn’s hasn’t watched a commercial in forever…she hates real live TV and asks me to go fast through the commercials….our kiddos will never know life without cell phones, DVD, etc…..imagine getting up to turn the tv channel and change the antennae like we had to when I was growing up!

    Sorry D is sick – hopefully he will be up to par soon!

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