Korin has tagged me for this experiment which was originally started by Mary Demuth (http://www.relevantblog.blogspot.com/). “It’s an experiment to see how many degrees we can separate (kind of like Kevin Bacon, only it’s relevantblog). How many people can one blog potentially reach?”

So here I go…

10 years ago:

I was a 19 year old Sophomore at Kutztown University. I was studying elementary education and early childhood education. I was living with my roommate Kate of 2 years. That year she found out that she had cervical cancer, she fought the battle and won.

I was dating Tim, my high school sweetheart. We made many trips back and forth from Lancaster to Kutztown to see each other. We were at the beginning stages of planning our wedding.

I bought my first car – white Taurus. I had my first accident in a parking lot at Kutztown. Hit the back end of another car.

My parents were still together, I had no clue that my “perfect family” would crumble into pieces in just a few short years.

20 years ago:

I was 9, in third grade with Mrs. Otto. I don’t have a great memory of my elementary school years for some reason. I know that I had a hard time in school. I was placed in remedial reading I think this same year. I also remember struggling to memorize my multiplication facts and staying inside for recess because I didn’t know them. I also remember that Mrs. Otto told my mom that I would amount to nothing in life (blah – I did, what do you think of that?). Just to think that I was diagnosed with a learning disability my senior year in high school, and the center where I was tested told my mom that I learned how to deal with it myself. Maybe that is why school was such hard work?

I remember that we learned to play recorders in third grade and I played mine by accident in class and had to stand in front of the class and play a song.

I think I actually hated third grade for some reason. I wonder why?

I went to Bear Creek Camp and loved it (Church Camp)

My mom permed my hair and it was a fro.

30 years ago:

I was inside my mom’s tummy and only had 2 more months until I came out.

So I guess I am tagging the following blog aficionados:

Pam (http://pam-randomthoughts.blogspot.com/)
Joy (http://joyoshea.wordpress.com/)

Amy (http://amy-motherhoodadventures.blogspot.com/)

and anyone else reading this who hasn’t been tagged :).


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