Multimedia extravaganza

Rainy Friday night. Leish is playing with our scrapbooks, so I thought I’d do some catching up on the blog.

Last weekend, some high school friends invited us to their house on Pine Grove’s main street to watch the big Halloween parade. We went up early Saturday so Aleisha and Julia could browse the craft show. Delton, Chloe and I amused ourselves with apple cider, geese watching and face painting. After making some pumpkin whoopie pies at Dale’s, we walked down to Maureen and Jeremy’s. Delton insisted that he did not want to watch the parade. Nothing we said about bands or candy or firetrucks made any difference. Of course, once it started, he loved it. Thanks, Ayden, for sharing your toys! And thanks, M&J, for the good food and sidewalk!

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Also, some miscellaneous movies. First up, baking with Delton:

His face surely shows it:

Julia is a punk rocker:

Checklist for ghetto tee ball—cinder block, plastic cup, gardening gloves, whiffle ball and bat, parking lot:


One thought on “Multimedia extravaganza

  1. I just love your pictures and videos! Thanks for sharing the fun with the kids. Riley doesn’t sit up that well yet…he topples over still. Delton is growing up so fast too!

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