Eating in the Handicap Stall?

I went to a conference yesterday in King of Prussia. First conference I went to for eons!! We don’t get to go to often. $$$$$$$$ is the problem. My whole grade level team went (all 3 of us!) and we had a good time working on different centers for DIBEL intervention groups! Yeah, have to love the DIBELS.

When we got to the conference center I asked the receptionist if there would be a room open for me to pump. She stated that she had no rooms open and that I would have to do it in the bathroom, there was a chair that I could take in the hadicap stall. Let me say YUCK!!! Does she want to go sit in the bathroom and eat her lunch? Give me a break. Why is it so hard for people to understand the needs of a nursing mom? So, I went on a search for an empty room and found one, Linda (a teammate), stood outside the door to make sure no one came in. I cannot believe that there are no laws stating that businesses need to provide an area for nursing moms, beside the handicap stall in the women’s bathroom. I guess that will be passed in another 10-20 years, since we are finally allowed to nurse in public.


One thought on “Eating in the Handicap Stall?

  1. There is such a thing as the breastfeeding mothers bill of right…but I am not familiar with what it says….sorry that you had to experience this. It isn’t fun or fair that they expect you to do that. Glad you had a good time. I do not love the DIBELS though it seems my school does!

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