Holy Fork!

Alright we made the trek back to good old Pine Grove Thursday morning to have Thanksgiving with my mom. We had an enjoyable time spending time with my family. We got to hang out with my step-brother and sister, cousins, mom, step-father, grandma, aunt, uncle, brother and my great, great uncle and aunt. The whole sha-bang and even 4 dogs, which were outside.

Of course we had all the fixens that you have at a holiday meal and it was soooooo yummy. In the evening we played on my cousins Wii, which is always so much fun. I found out my Wii age is 52. Boy am I old, well actually no, I just don’t know how to play video games. My mom was 80 and my aunt was 78, so at least someone did worse than me!

We spent the evening at my grandma’s, which Delton always enjoys. In the morning while sitting down to have breakfast, Delton had a mishap. He was sitting happily eating his pancakes when he fell out of his chair with fork in hand and landed right on the fork. The fork pierced Delton right above the eye and boy did we have a mess (more tears than blood). At first it didn’t bleed, but then it started. It would have been alright to handle if he wasn’t crying sooooo much. So, we were blessed that his injuries were not major. It just missed his eye by an inch or so. I am so grateful that he is alright. I then was torn about calling the doctor. I didn’t and I hope I did the right thing. Everyone said that he would be fine, but I still have doubts. I guess I’m being over protective. It was pretty swollen yesterday, but when he woke up this morning the swelling has gone down and it looks a lot better.

Of course we kept the fork. You should see how it is bent. It is almost at a 90 degree angle. He hit it hard. We can’t even bend back the fork to its original form. I might have to take a picture and post it.

After all the drama we had a few places to visit. We then found out we forgot some things at grandma’s so we had to turn around and go back and get it – they were musts.

Overall our trip went well.

In a week from now we will be heading off to Myrtle Beach. Yes, I took some personal days (3!!!). I know I shouldn’t be going on vacation in the middle of the school year, but I am. I deserve a break and I need to use my days up.


One thought on “Holy Fork!

  1. I”m so glad Delton is okay! That is scary! I would have been so worried and probably would have cried with him! I’m sure it was alright to not call the doctor though…as long as he didn’t need stitches (and as long as it doesn’t get infected)- there isn’t much they will do. SOOOOO glad he is okay though.

    Having said all that- and since D is okay – heck yeah I want to see that fork!! It isn’t easy business to bend a fork- strong boy you have there! I’m so glad it missed his eye!

    Have fun on that vacation! Of course you should take the time! And you most certainly deserve it! Can’t wait to hear about it!

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