Flying TV’s and other good stuff…

Once again I am counting my blessings. SOMEONE was looking after me – and I’m very thankful.

Our school has finally gotten with the times this past summer and purchased TV’s and VCR/DVD players for each room. Of course they were not mounted for the beginning of school. Sometime at the beginning of October they were finally mounted and we were excited. Well less than a week later one of the TV’s fell over the weekend. The unit that it was mounted on ripped right out of the wall. We were all freaked out, especially me, since I have my desk located under my TV and that is were I sit to pump (still nursing!!). Over the Thanksgiving break another TV ripped out of the wall. So, today the guys who installed them came around to check each unit. I had a group of students in my room for tutoring when they came in. They wiggled the unit and it came crashing down onto my chair and desk. I was freaked out. I was just sitting there less than 30 minutes ago doing my mommy thing. I’m so grateful that no one was hurt badly. The man who was checking the unit, got nipped on the back of the head, but it opened a wound that he had from something else earlier that day. Well all the TV’s will be taken down tomorrow – don’t know what they will be doing with them.

Julia is moving and grooving. She hasn’t mastered crawling forward completely, but boy can she go backwards. She even figured out a way to sit and pull herself around on her forearms. I need to get some video of some of her super hero moves. She also pushed herself up to a sitting position this past weekend and pulled herself up to stand in her crib. We had to move her mattress down yesterday.

Delton is doing great. He is learning to cut right now in school and is very careful in what he is doing. I haven’t been able to see him cut personally, but Tim was able to watch today. I miss out on a lot of cool things sometimes because of my job, but I look forward to the summers when I have time to spend with my children and enjoy watching them learn new things. His forking mishap is healing nicely. I think it is itchy right now, he has been rubbing it like crazy.

3 days until Myrtle Beach!!


One thought on “Flying TV’s and other good stuff…

  1. Holy Flying TV Batman! I would have been a bit panicky too! That is scary…I guess I am glad that they have our tvs on carts. Yeah for Julia! Pulling to stand…that is amazing! Glad that Delton is doing well too! Learning to cut is quite a skill….A is still working on that. Way to go for your kids! Glad you are soon going to the beach….enjoy your vacation! Can’t wait to hear about it.

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