Trip to DC

Delton has a thing for dinosaur bones, so we decided to indulge him a little (or a lot, depending on your POV) by taking a trip to Washington on Sunday. Chris and Jonna piled in the car with us, which was great because we don’t get to hang out with them much. We couldn’t convince either to change a diaper, but Chris did offer to feed Julia. It’s funny how parents take for granted that everyone knows how to do a simple thing like wiping the excess food off an infant’s chin. Looking back, I’m sure this took a bit of practice.

Our primary stop was the National Museum of Natural History, which has a lot of the aforementioned dinosaur bones. And other prehistoric bones. And a whole gallery curiously labeled Bones and Reptiles, which contained much of the former (from mice to humans) and one non-skeletal display of the latter. Delton took it all in with wonder and delight…just as I remember my first trips to the Smithsonian. After the above, we skimmed through the rocks and gems, as Delton raced ahead in search of anything big enough to climb. His favorite part, other than the dinos, may have been the Hall of Mammals, which we almost skipped. It was almost as good as Cabela’s. We ate lunch at the NHNH, which was a big improvement over the cafeteria I remember…with prices to match.

Next stop was the National Air & Space Museum. En route Delton mercifully fell asleep in the stroller. A couple of great new exhibits since I was there last, including America by Air and one on the Wright Brothers. They were also hosting a collection of treasures from the National Museum of American History, temporarily closed for renovations. The most exciting thing to Delton at the NASM appeared to be the gift shop. That does not bode well for the future.

Once the NASM closed, we strolled toward Union Station to have supper at the Capitol City Brewing Company, a concession to Chris and Jonna’s fondness for microbrews. Except for the fact that we had to carry the stroller (with a blissfully sleeping Julia) up a flight of marble steps (this was the old city post office), the food here was pretty good and it was neither crowded or smoky. As we were leaving Delton threw a bit of a tantrum, which ended with his first time-out on the front steps of a brewpub.

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One thought on “Trip to DC

  1. What a great mommy and daddy! You are doing so many wonderful things with your children. Great pictures (yes I looked at all 99 of them!)- I especially love the picture of you and Leish! I’m quite fond of D’s fork incident band-aid as well. Glad you were able to see your brother and his wife as well.

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