I hope I’m not going crazy, but my kids at school are driving me crazy.  I have found that I’m on edge lately, don’t know why.  I actually wanted to scream today and say, “I didn’t miss you when I was gone and I wish I was still there.”  But, I didn’t.  I keep looking out the window to see if the Patty Wagon is coming for me.  I’ll go with no objections!!  I’ll walk up all nice and calm and say, “Please take me and don’t ever let me come back!”

Maybe it’s because the dreaded 30 is just around the corner.  I have one week left in my 20’s.  I should live every day as if it’s my last – he he.

I’m going to make a list of things that bother me, just to get it off my chest.

  • Do they know how to use inside voices?
  • Why do they always have to stand beside you and poke or pat your arm about 5,000 times to get your attention
  • Shouldn’t they stop saying, “Teacher”
  •  Do they know what silent reading is?
  • I’m so tired of hearing,”I’m telling”
  • We still can’t walk in a straight line
  • I have to say sit about 10 times, it is as if I’m talking to a dog – just in 2 minutes
  • The principal takes our aides away to finish things for her – like I don’t have kid writing to finish with 20 plus bodies by myself
  • The principal interrupts literacy intervention centers to talk to the aides about sorting Santa pictures – students just sitting in centers doing nothing (nice intervention – not the aides fault (Renee))
  • Students still don’t know how to log into computers and we have been doing it for 65 days
  • Bring your BEE (Bring Everything Everyday) folders EVERYDAY
  • students who don’t finish homework every week
  • lunch – not enough time for me or students to eat
  • my room -looks as if a tornado went through it
  • One student who does not stay on her spot on the carpet ever – I’m tired of saying her name
  • Still not having the supplies we need to teach.  Hello people – I think this should not be a problem.

Alright – I hope that helps.

On another note.  We put the Christmas tree up yesterday.  Both Delton and Julia had to put their little paws on it.  Come on – don’t touch my tree. It’s my pride and joy.  I just love sitting and looking at it.  I guess because it brings good memories.  It is kind of funny to look at my tree today verses 3 years ago.  Now it has all different kinds of ornaments, unlike before.  I would say I had a Martha Stewart tree.  It had a color scheme and everything (blue and silver with white lights).  Oh, how we change when we have children.

I think I have a little PMS going on?  Don’t really know what that is anymore, since I haven’t had any in over a year and a half.  The plus of breast feeding.


One thought on “CRAZY!!!

  1. not that this helps any, but I could have written this exact post! Only, I did yell at mine today and say “The world does not revolve around you! You don’t get to do what you feel like doing all the time! Thank goodness for Christmas break!

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