The Crazy Days of Kindergarten

Well I have one more day to spend with kindergartners who are on a holiday adrenaline kick.

Today we made  gingerbread houses and invited the parents in to help.  Everything went well until a parent shows up with a cake to celebrate her child’s birthday.  I’m fine with bringing in a treat for your child’s birthday, but please ask for a time that would work.  We were in the middle of making gingerbread houses!  I made her wait until the end of that time and then we sang and ate cake (like they needed more sugar after eating candy that was suppose to go on their gingerbread houses).  Mommy also brought in a tiara and a wand for her.  Well, while the children were at computers I had to try on the tiara.  You know me.  Check me out – I’m the Ross Queen (.


“As Queen of Ross, I promise to make sure students are DIBLED everyday and that all students will be proficient by the year 2009 (wink wink).”


4 thoughts on “The Crazy Days of Kindergarten

  1. You crack me up! I would have made her wait until the end of the day just to be spiteful…but you are much nicer than I am! Love the tiara! Love your royal proclamation!

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