A Little bit of fun

Pam posted this and it seemed like fun…so I decided to play along.

The rules: Type the answer to each question into a Google image search, and you pick an image from the first page of results…easy peasy…and fun!

1. The age you will be on your next birthday.


2. A place you would like to visit. (Germany – Gutentag!)


3. A favorite place to be. (bed – sleeping of course)

4. Favorite Food. (Stuffed Cabbage)


5. Favorite Animal…. dog, I would love a pug


6. Favorite Color – yellow


7. The town you were born in. –Pine Grove…ever hear of it?? No? Didn’t think so!


8. Name of a past pet. (Bosie – I have no clue what this guy has to do with the name Bosie)


9. Name of a past love (I had to put the Safesearch filter on for this one – I saw too much! Tim is my past love, present love and future love. This guy almost looks like Tim)


10. Your first name -I guess she is some kind of sports person? no clue


11. A bad habit – ( I lose my shoes in the house all the time!)


12. First Job – McBud”s – a flower shop in PG ( I couldn’t really find a picture that was appropriate for McBud’s – this is what came up, sorry so blurry)


13. Grandmother’s name –


14. College Major – teaching…..


So, this was lots of fun…but some scary images along the way. Still, a fun twist on the tagging wars in bloggyville! Want to play along?? Let me know so I can stop by and see your answers!


2 thoughts on “A Little bit of fun

  1. I loved reading this! Although…yuk on the stuffed cabbage! You are too sweet to say Tim is your past, present and future rug. I guess I should take some lessons because I just told Gary I was going to roll him up in the new area rug we got and take him out to the woods. What? That isn’t a loving remark? Guess I should work on that!

    I’m half tempted to search Tim’s name just to see what comes up now that you said it was scary!

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