9 month check up

We took Julia for her 9 month check up and she didn’t need to get shots!!  Yeah!  Everything looks good and she is developing nicely.  She has started cruising a little bit, not much.  Her favorite time of day is bath time right now.  She is right there at the tub, while filling it up, trying to get it.  Here is a picture of her and her stats.


Weight:  18.3 pounds (50%)

Length:  27 (30% – I guess she will be short like me!)

Head circ.:  16 7/8 (25% – a tiny little head)

I can’t believe how everyone comments on how big she is.  She is average and little below in the height area.  They should have saw Delton, now he was big!


2 thoughts on “9 month check up

  1. She is beautiful and growing so well! Can’t believe these guys are 9 months already! We NEED to get together again soon….I’m in need of some friend time!

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