Then there were three

I’m a committed back sleeper, but sometimes I snuggle up to Leish and fall asleep on my side. This occurred a few nights ago. When I woke up around 1 a.m. to roll back to my default position, my elbow bumped something in the process.

Now, in the colder months, our cat, Penny, takes advantage of any extra space around me for warmth…behind me, between my knees, on my chest. (She tried this once with Leish, but was quickly tossed to the floor. Don’t mess with my woman’s sleep!) Assuming Penny is in my way, I try to gently nudge her to the end of the bed.

Imagine my surprise when I find a certain blond-haired, blue-eyed toddler fast asleep, head resting on my pillow. This was a first. I’m not surprised I didn’t wake up—I’m a notoriously heavy sleeper (Mom says I once slept through an earthquake when we lived in NY). But Delton’s few attempts to sleep with us always end with him becoming giddy as he kicks our sheets, taps the bedframe or flails his arms in the vicinity of our heads.

As adorable a scene he presented, I tossed him to the floor. No, I jest. I carted him back to bed…just as I’ve done countless times since he discovered the joys of midnight wakings.


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