Our Crazy Son

Here is a good Delton story for you all. As some of you know Delton is trying to be more independent every day. Yes, that includes more melt-downs and a lot of NO’s. Delton decided that he didn’t want to wear pants this past Sunday after getting his diaper changed. So, instead of arguing with him we left him go – why fight the battle? Right? Well it turned out that he wanted to go outside to play, but wouldn’t put on his pants. So, we left him go outside without pants (don’t worry – he won’t get sick, germs get you sick not the cold). It was kind of a funny. Tim told him that he needed to put on his shoes and jacket on and of course Delton agreed. So, our crazy son went outside with shoes, a diaper and a winter coat on. He played for about 10 minutes before he was coaxed to come inside. Check out his outfit.


He looks like he is not wearing a thing under his jacket!


Here he is running around on the back parking lot. Take not of the dog, she has to be in every picture we take.


3 thoughts on “Our Crazy Son

  1. Oh, that is too funny! He looks like a little streaker! I have threatened Ashlyn that if she does’t get dressed some mornings…then I will send her to day care in her pj’s. I think I will tell her the Delton story so she realizes we mommies mean business! I love the outfit- you go Delton!!

    When are we getting together again?

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