Winter Fun!

Well Delton has been wanting to make snow angels and snowmen for a few months. We were finally able to fulfill his dream earlier this evening. Check out our cool snow pictures.

Delton’s First attempt to make a snow angel


Daddy’s turn. Yes he is still in his work clothing. Doesn’t he know he needs to put on play clothing?

Mommy’s turn. At least I changed.


Mommy starting to make a snowman. (I kind of look like a geek the way I’m standing. )We have to use the back parking lot to get enough room to make a snowball. If you have ever seen our back yard you know why.


Our snowman. Do you like the eyes? They are prunes!!! We had to make due with what we have. We city folk had a hard time just finding sticks for the arms.


Julia’s first encounter with snow – she was sleeping through the construction of our pruned eyed friend. Not much snow left on the ground, since we had to use it to make a snowman. Boy do I miss having a big yard out in the country. Oh, to dream.



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