Look Ma No Hands!

Well it seems like Delton is very interested in being potty trained.  For the past 5 nights we have placed him on the potty and he has peed.

On Monday morning he wanted to wear big boy pants to school.  Well he peed 3 times in his pants before we even left the house.  When we got to school I took him back to look at the potties and sit on one, but he was scared.  So, we placed a diaper back on.

Well today he insisted on wearing big boy pants once again.  We didn’t even have to change him before we left, it looked promising.  When I went to pick him up he had a new outfit on and I thought he didn’t have a great day with the big boy pants.  Boy was I wrong.  He was fine all day the only time he had an accident was at nap time.  WOW!!!! I was so surprised.  They then went on to tell me that he started telling them he had to go and that he prefers to stand to pee, which floored me.  I was just discussing this at school,  how do you teach a little boy to do that?  They said he just stands there and aims and it goes it – Look Ma No Hands!!

Well I hope he keeps up the great work, we only have to get him to try and go #2 on the potty.  Just think I saved 4 diapers today!!!!   I can’t wait until I only have to buy one size of diapers.


4 thoughts on “Look Ma No Hands!

  1. Way to go Delton! Good job buddy! They all get there in their own time….down the road, you will have to teach me the tricks to teaching a boy. Maybe Riley will just have to sit to pee and not know standing is a choice…ha ha ha

    Nap time is always harder. And bedtime. We still don’t have beddtime down with Ashlyn and she is almost 4 and day potty trained since 2. big sigh……

  2. Delton I am so proud of you buddy! Ana has a surprise for you — can’t wasy to see you and Julia — Love you KISS KISS — give Julia a kiss from me.

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