Brixiville Updates…

Well the potty training is still doing well on the #1 side. We are having some hard times with #2, no pun intended. Delton a few months back had a bought of constipation, which has led to laxatives and bulked up fiber. The doctors advised us not to potty train until this is over. Well Delton decided he was going to take care of potty training himself, so we didn’t follow directions. He is still having problems with #2. He is now holding back #2 which can lead to a lot of different problems, he went 6 days without going. So, we headed to the doctors again on Friday for some more advice. Basically up the laxatives and place him on the potty about 4 times a day. He finally was able to pass #2 on the potty Friday night, but not since then.

Julia is doing well. She is still a very busy girl. She is after everything and anything. She is starting to stand independently. She has been working on saying some words. Baba is for bottle, dipa- diaper, mama – for me, and dada for daddy. I have been having problems being able to pump enough milk for her, so she had her first bottle of formula this week. I felt so guilty. I just don’t understand why I’m having such problems. I was able to nurse Delton to about 14 months, which was great. Julia also had her first ear infection. We went to the doctor 2 weeks ago with a cold and cough, but it hasn’t passed. She now had green discharge coming from her eyes. I remember Delton having the same problem, so we took her and she has an infection.

Other than that, everything is going well here in Brixiville.


2 thoughts on “Brixiville Updates…

  1. At least you were able to pump enough up until now. I had to stop at 7 months. We are also dealing with the cold and cough at our house. Adi’s nose was really runny today. She does head to the doctor tomorrow for her 9 month checkup (even though she is almost 10 months) so we will see what he says. Hope Julia gets better soon. Is she taking an antibotic? Take care

  2. I hope everyone is feeling better soon! Those darn ear infections- I hate them! Wow! Standing, huh! Riley isn’t even pulling to stand just- just to knees. And words! Riley only says mama and not that often. He does get into everything though.

    Don’t feel guilty about the formula. Every baby is different and you made it to 10 months- that is a great start for you little one. Plus, formula once or twice a day and nursing the other times is still good. Your children are happy and growing well. You are a good mommy because you love them.

    I hope that potty issues and the infections are all better soon! I’m thinking of you – sick kids are tough. Big hugs!!

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