A little debate…

Well the Lenten season is upon us. As most of you all know Tim and I give up the same thing every year.

Tim gives up candy and I give up coffee (Our favorite food/drinks in the world).

We have the same debate every year about the candy subject. Since Girl Scout Cookie season always falls during lent, we have this debate yearly. Tim loves Thin Mints!! As most of you know they are covered with a chocolate coating. This is where we start the debate. In my opinion Thin Mints would be off Tim’s list until Easter. My reasoning is – they had to melt chocolate (which is a candy) and then they dip the cookie in the chocolate, then it hardens. Tim does not agree with my reasoning. What do you think? We want to see what others think about this. Tell Us!


5 thoughts on “A little debate…

  1. While I see your reasoning–I consider Thin Mints to be a cookie, not candy. But, if he gives up chocolate chip cookies and all cookies with ‘candy’ in them- then you are good to go with your argument.

    Having said that- I know how big of a sacrifice giving up coffee is for you so maybe you need to revise what Tim gives up to be ‘frivolous’ sugar – candy, Thin Mints, all things with sugar that is not necessary….just trying to help you out! (Sorry I know it seems like I am on Tim’s side here–I love ya Leish and I am really trying to think of a way to be on your side)

  2. Here’s my two cents.

    My standard for candy is anything that you might find in the candy aisle at the grocery store. (This excludes gum, which is a whole other argument. Aleisha relented on that one because she appreciates gum’s breath freshening properties.)

    If I had my druthers, I would not consider chocolate to be a candy unless it is molded and packaged as such. I would still be able to eat chocolate chip cookies and thin mints because chocolate is only one ingredient of the entire baked good, which are cookies not candy.

    That said, this is really a moot point because I always follow Aleisha’s guidelines anyway. She has a lot more say in the one thing that I would hate to give up more than candy.

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