Clean laundry

Had an awesome weekend with my Sweetpea, which I appreciated doubly because I have class on Valentine’s Day! I liked Juno too, especially some of the music. I can’t get this song out of my head.

But I really came here to say that I had one of those moments that makes one feel suddenly much older. I was folding our laundry, and it dawned on me that my son is wearing underwear. Underwear = no diapers = not a baby anymore = I am old enough to have a child who can use a toilet. Sigh.* This really doesn’t make any sense considering a) I still have a baby in diapers and b) the surest sign that I am old—the head of hair that is much grayer than all my friends—has been around for years.

*I will comfort myself by taking the money we are saving on diapers to go buy some beer.


2 thoughts on “Clean laundry

  1. Oh yes- that money for diapers should be well spent on beer, spa visits, whatever makes you (and Leish) feel happy!

    I don’t want to be old- maybe you can figure out how to make it stop!

    Glad you and Leish had a nice weekend.

  2. We saw Juno tonight…really enjoyed it…I think that Juno is a female version of Junior (attitude and sense of humor!)

    I’m thinking you could save the money until Easter then buy a huge chocolate rabbit!! And eat it all yourself for being so good as to give up chocolate!

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