Snow Day or Ice Day should we say?

Well we got the call this morning that there was a 2 hour delay then school was closed. All we are getting right now is tons of rain, to bad it isn’t snow. Delton has been looking forward to going on his first sled ride. All is better is the Brixi household. Delton is better and Julia’s nose and cough isn’t as bad. Now, I’m starting to get a touch of the blocked nose and sore throat. I will be a wonder mom and get through this like I always do, even though I just want to be in bed sleeping right now.

Here is a picture of Julia in her first pony tail. I took this about 2 weeks ago. It just doesn’t stay in though. Any suggestions? I have no clue about girl hair. I had a hard time getting a good picture, she moves around to much!


2 thoughts on “Snow Day or Ice Day should we say?

  1. Don’t worry about the hair yet….it will fill in more and you will be able to do more with it. Until then- I’m sure Julia doesn’t mind it down 🙂

    Glad you got to stay home today. I didn’t want to make up another day so I was happy with a delay. Gotta love those days!

    Hope you feel better soon–I wish I was in bed resting myself, but us super moms just push on 😉 I’ll be thinking of you!

  2. Hair suggestion…I always use the tiny hair rubberbands that they make and then I usually put one of those tiny clips over it. If you look at the Steelers pictures on my blog you might be able to see it. Unfortunately, her hair is a little a mess in those pictures so you might not be able to tell. I always have to either put a pony tail in or barrettes b/c otherwise her hair is in her eyes.
    I’m glad your kids are starting to feel better. Hopefully you can fight it off.

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