I should be…. but I’m blogging instead

Well it is Sunday afternoon and I should be working on my lesson plans and preparing my observation form for my pre-observation tomorrow, but I’m blogging instead.  I had 2 readers complain that they are tired of looking at my spice (my only readers probably 🙂   )

Wow, what a month, just like Tim wrote.  Pam tagged me and I still need to finish that, but I wanted to share a few happenings in our household.


  • Still taking classes on Thursday night
  • Wonderful husband who likes to clean (He forgot to mention I sorted through tons of papers and I DUSTED!)
  • Wonderful husband who does most of the wash


  • Going to bed after midnight every night
  • Has lost 39 pounds (YEAH!!!!!)
  • Doesn’t want to get observed this week
  • Can’t wait until June
  • Dusted Thursday night – just in case you missed that note
  • Wanting coffee soooo much – gave it up for Lent


  •  Had to take Delton for x-rays
    • He hurt his finger and it was all swollen and black and blue – thank goodness it was only jammed
  • Had his 3 year check up
    • Weighs – 35 pounds
    • Height – 37 1/2 inches
    • We felt like awful parents when asked:  “Can Delton peddle a tricycle?” and had to answer with an answer like this:  “Yes, he has been able to peddle on the tricycle at wal-mart that they have on display.”  Uh, no place to be peddling around here at the moment.  So, yes we are one of THOSE PEOPLE who allow their child to ride around on bikes at the store
  • Skinned his nose
    • On Friday he fell while playing at school and skinned his nose, thank goodness we had his 3 year pictures done 2 weeks ago


  • Walking
    • Well Julia is about to take off.  She has been taken little steps for about a week now.
    • She is busy concentrating on staying balanced and then falls down.
    • Yesterday she went from my mother-in-laws coffee table to the chair.  About 2 feet apart.
  • Climbing Steps and stools
    • We didn’t think Julia was able to climb steps, boy were we wrong.
    • I think she could have one a record for speed.
    • She is very into climbing onto anything she get to
  • First Tooth
    • Well it finally happened.
    • On Wednesday Julia got her first tooth!

I think I covered everything new and exciting here at the Brixius household.  I’m sorry we kept our fans (the 2 of you) in the dark.


5 thoughts on “I should be…. but I’m blogging instead

  1. yeah for all ur accomplishments!! u guys have been busy! i give tim a big pat on the back for helping with the cleaning. i some how stumbled on an awesome hubby too that helps with that.
    and congrats on the weight loss…u go girl.
    now excuse me while i go finish my brownies….

  2. Was that me complaining about your spiciness? Nah, couldn’t have been. hee hee

    39 lbs! You go girl! Woooo hoooooo! *doing a little happy dance* (trust me, you DON’T want to see it).

    Poor Delton with his jammed up finger. His nose looked sore. 😦

    Yay! Julia! A tooth and steps!

    Boo observation. I had forgotten until this post. Well, I’ll be right there with ya sistah! Hee hee

    She’ll be so blinded by your teacherliness that she won’t even notice D. doing her stripper dance on the floor. She will walk out of that room with a feeling of having spent that time in the presence of excellence.

    Now, hows that for positive thinking???

    Teacherliness? Is that a word? Well, it is now. Heh!

  3. Wow! You have been busy! You kick butt on the weight loss!! Way to go. Glad Tim is helping to clean (even if you dusted). Good luck on the observation….getting observed stinks. You will do great though! Poor D’s nose and finger! Yeah J on the walking. Riley is a climber too….not doing much in the walking department though. He has 4 teeth now that he likes to use to bite mommy….ouch! Hope things settle down for you!

  4. Hey you Busy Brixius, your dear old Dad, checks everyday, would not miss the blogs and comments, I love them. But the others are correct, you must continue, your blogs, so I can be entertained. Thanks and Love you all.

  5. Wow so much excitement going on! I thought my child was the only one that finds the need to climb on everything. I can’t wait for the kids to get together again! Adi is also starting to walk. Has accomplished about 9 steps and then falls down.
    Congrats on the weight loss! That is AWESOME!!
    Good luck w/ your observations! See you soon!

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